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The basic package includes the following:

​​1.To customize a detailed travel plan for a city, you just need to tell us any city you want to know through whatsapp, and we will provide you with detailed travel plans ranging from popular attractions to niche attractions and local delicacies.

2.For you to book the original price hotel in one city at most, we will book the original price hotel for you through the hotel website in Turkey or in the form of telephone booking, which is estimated to save 10%-25% of the money you book from your country.

3.Book your bus tickets for up to one city at the original price, such as Istanbul to Antalya, you don't even need to exchange your tickets after booking a bus in Turkey, just follow the booking SMS we sent you to find the corresponding ticket Just get on the bus and find your corresponding seat. You don't need to worry about being unable to communicate with the ticket staff because of the language barrier, and you don't need to queue to buy tickets. This service is included in your basic package for free.

4.You can add a year of membership to your personal YouTube account for $60 per year. Add a year of membership to your personal spotify account for $60 per year.


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